Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Start of an essay with “One day, I was window shopping in Mahkota Parade…” and as you write, you will be given words that must be included in the essay.

The words given – dinosaur, durians, hot air balloon, tornado

One day, I was window shopping in Mahkota Parade with my friend Malvin. It was a fine Saturday and we were just walking around, discharging our stress and tenses of studying. Then, Malvin spotted this colourful polka dotted pants displayed in the Reject Shop clothing outlet. So, he pulled me into the outlet, grabbed a few pairs of those pants and dashed straight into the fitting room. While he was in, trying on those pants, I went around the outlet, checking out a few jackets. Suddenly, there was a big bang heard from the roof and for a few seconds, the building was shaking. Malvin screamed and went out running around, in a state of panic, without realizing that he was half naked, from waist to bottom. I was either shocked for the shaking but managed to remain cool as ice. But then I felt weird because I could have sworn that I just saw a dinosaur was passing by outside the outlet. Adding the bizarreness of the situation, the dinosaur was actually being followed by giant flying durians. I rubbed my eyes and tried to remain calm. “This could be the effect of the shaking. Maybe I have knocked head or something and now dealing with a major trauma”. However, my sanity was challenged when I saw those durians attacking other people with laser rays while the dinosaur was biting a person’s ribs off. I panicked. I ran frantically outside the mall but the situation was far more insane. More dinosaurs and flying durians were falling from a hot air balloon. I shouted, “You have got to be kidding me! This is not freakin’ real! Malvin!! Malvin!! Where the heck are you?” At that moment, I saw Malvin, still half naked, fighting a T-Rex with a large sword. “Where did he get that sword from?”, I asked to myself. Rapidly, someone shouted, “Look over there! A giant tornado is viciously wrecking out a lorry full of weapons! And the weapons have been blown here… Arghh!!” That poor guy got stabbed by spears. “I must help Malvin!” I took out the spears from the guy’s neck and eye socket. With all my might, with all of my focus, I threw the spears like an ancient mighty warrior. I missed. They landed just a few meters from my feet. “Sorry Malvin, I have failed you…”. Within split seconds, an explosion was heard and chunks of dinosaur meat flew into air and scattered on the tarred grounds of Mahkota Parade’s parking lot. Thousands of Malaysian army troops marched forward and landed bullets and mortars to the alien hot air balloon. Battle jets and helicopters swarmed the air of Mahkota and flames and explosion were seen all around. “ARGGGHHH!!!” Malvin ran again, in a state of major panic, still half naked, leaving me there startled and confused. The hot air balloon was bombarded with torpedoes and forced to withdraw into space. Victory to the fellow soldiers… Death to the durians and dinosaurs… and aspirins for me.

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  1. ngahaha ~ the word " i have failed you", seems familiar..\

    yeay ~ that is STAR WARS, words by MASTER OBI WAN PACAT KENOBI..!!

  2. wahh...
    tak sangka ada orang baca

    panjang tahap gaban merapu

  3. diriku juga membaca essay tersebut dengan full about that?

    huhu...but, Malvin in half naked??


  4. ya ampun!!! seyes merapik!
    flying durian??