Saturday, January 24, 2009

I named this guy 'si putih'

It's enough that I have to deal with angry barking hounds and retrievers everytime I walk to/from my girl's house

now I have to deal with a little playful puppy at the stairs of my apartment

apparently, one of residents living on the second floor of Pangsapuri Seri Kubu is rearing a black white spotted puppy

I can hear the pup barking (more like whining than barking) almost everyday from the fourth floor

and currently the pup is turning the parking spaces beside the apartment into its very own toilet where you can see the poop are all over there

worst, sometimes when I went up/down the stairs, the pup comes running playfully and I have to try my best to avoid physical contact with it

I dont think the pup is a man eater
but I dont want to have to 'samak' my jeans nor my shoes!

I guess the owner does not know the rules...

U cant have pets in an apartment

If not, I would have bought myself that little bunny from jonker...

Apart from that, someone has to do something about the dogs in Kampung Lapan and the areas of Taman Kenanga

coz seriously, the number of dogs are growing larger...
I dont want to be dog food...

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  1. to who can I complain about this doggy problem?
    Karam singh Valia?

  2. alep! i want exactly the same terrina the terror!!

  3. Nak try call Malaysia Hari Ini la...
    Walaupun dia tengah discuss isu lain pada masa aku call tu...

    Terrina Is THe Ultimate OctopuS!!

  4. do dog really eat people????
    i think they just bite

    p/s: imagine pamie kene makan ngan hanjing! mesti jerit2, x pernah tgk ko jerit. haha
    ermm.. ker, ko still x jerit??