Romeo, O Romeo~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear. That tips with silver all these fruit tree tops~

Fruit tree trops!
Fruit tee tops!
Damn, This is worse than tongue twister

Never occurred to me that I would be acting as Romeo in a play~ (Hoishh!) and guess who's playing Juliet? my cute girlfriend... no wonder I got that part... Actually Syed was supposed to act that part, but demam la pulak... Demam apa ntah, demam cikunya? Cikupunya? Sounds something like that la... So, takde orang lain lagi, bagi aku la...

but I'm not acting in every scene of the play like I did last semester in Adam's Wish

I was the lead character :p
Muahhahah I ruled the stage
But Cis (pardon the rude word), Dr Mizan tak sempat tengok...
Well, biasa la... orang penting... kena la datang lewat sikit...

Now, I'm just an extra for my juniors' drama staging entitled Le Choix (Choices)... One scene only... My girl wrote the script, helped by Yatie, Ridhwan and me of course... Stressed the hell out of her (she finished the first draft of the script, but her dad formatted her laptop... First draft, GONE... weeks of effort, and sleepless nites, GONE... we went to Starbucks, I helped her do a new script, Yatie and Ridhwan helped a bit... finished the script the next day)

So, Be sure to come and watch it on the 18th October, 8pm...

People said I got talent in acting drama...
"Tengok Ninja, baca skrip sekali dah dapat feel"
"You got the expression!"
"I think acting is ur calling"
Urmm... mana ada... aku buat biasa je kot...
Baca ayat Romeo ni pun dah berterabur...
Sial kau Shakespeare, nak buat ayat bunga2 pun, agak-agak la sikit!!

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