I'm not a love guru...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A few girls that I'm close with told me...

"it's easy to make a girl fall for you, just take her out and show what a gentleman you are... simple things such as sending her to her door, being courteous and buying her flowers will definitely give a good impression of you..."

"even if you're not cute, tall and handsome, if you're good with your words, and a man of your words, you'll conquer our hearts..."

"for girls, first impressions are essential. So, Pamie, you must look good and be nice and co
ol and whatever all the time... coz you'll never know that a girl might be noticing you..."

"we girls hate waiting... So, if you want us, show some god damn effort and hurry the fuck up... Impress us!"

Again, those are not something I just crap... but I quote them...

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