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July 21, 2013

Hunger Games : Catching Fire [update]

Posters of Hunger Games: Catching Fire film have been released and boy, looking at them got me so excited! 

I missed watching the first film, The Hunger Games (2012), in the cinemas but managed to catch it on DVD... The movie itself is good but the feeling of there-must-be-more-to-it kicked me in the stomach and inspired me to pick up the books... 

Yeah, there were more... The story is not plainly about a bunch of kids killing other kids in order to survive... It's a story of desperation & helplessness... It's a story of rebellion... It's a story of how the people can unite to stand against corrupt government... It's an inspiring story, fit in this era of change & revolt... The film reminded me of Syria & Egypt & other countries where the people rise & fight... 

Comparing the film with the first book, I came to a verdict that the book is better simply because it explains things going on the story in more details... 

One significant example is when Katniss was alone with injured Peeta in a cave while the game was still commencing... The book successfully elaborated how intense & romantic that particular moment was for both main characters... As in the film, the cave scene was just okey... 

However, the film triumphs in terms of providing visual fulfillment & action... 

In other words, for me, both film & book sort of compliment each other... 

Among three books, I'm sure readers would agree with me about the second one being the best! In Catching Fire, Katniss & Peeta will have to go back in the game & fight past winners of the Hunger Games... The best versus the best! 

and that's why I'm pretty excited about upcoming film sequel!

I'm interested on how they would portray the Quarter Quell awesome & deadly ring... 

I would also anticipate the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta & Gale to intensify as Katniss & Peeta become closer & closer... Ooooohhh! 

I would like to recommend teenagers to read the books because despite the intense romance and all, there were no explicit romantic stuff unlike most English romance novels... The story inspire imagination as the setting is in the future where technology is so far developed & mutant hybrid animals exists... The action part were suspenseful & will definitely keep you hooked!

July 14, 2013

New Skills Acquired

Baby Ubaid is currently learning how to crawl... Well, actually, he has nearly perfected his crawling skill, just need to learn how to use his hands to move forward more effectively... 

He's also learned how to climb our bed headboard... He seems so happy every time he manages to pull himself up with his chubby hands & stand on his two chubby feet... Just look at that smile... That's a smile of accomplishment! 

I'm so amazed to see him acquiring new skills so quickly... A few weeks ago, he was just beginning to roll around... Now, he's already standing on both feet... I wonder how fast would he learn how to walk & talk...

Wifey & I encourage him to take baby steps... Literally & figuratively... We avoid putting him in a walker because according to a friend of mine, walkers aren't good for babies... He read an article stating that babies who are put into walkers tend to progress slower in speaking & reading compared to those who learn how to walk without assist tools... It's because babies who are put into walkers would skip a few steps of natural development... They would skip crawling... 

Therefore, we give Ubaid as much as space possible to acquire skills on his own... Normally, wifey will just let him do whatever he wants on our bed... He rolls, crawls, sits, purposely falls, & does everything he wants without us assisting him... 

July 9, 2013

Masks in Movies

Masks are used in movies to hide identities, disfigurements or plainly to look badass... Whatever the reasons are, many masks used in movies are now so iconic & cool... Here are some of my favorite masks in movies!


Whether they're from the remakes or original, masks made of human skins are freaky!!

Jason Voorhess

One of the most favorite horror masks in the movie world! A hockey mask looks ordinary unless worn by chainsaw wielding Jason!


If you see a person wearing this mask while holding a knife, you better SCREAM!


Seriously, would you want to play a game with a person wearing this mask?


Low budget movie with bad reviews... But damn the mask is scary!

V - Guy Fawkes

A very iconic mask that is now used as a symbol of rebellion!

Star Wars

Nerds all over the world's must haves!! Erm, yeah, technically, they're helmets...

Darth Vader 


Bobba Fett


The coolest battle alien ever!

Honorable mentions:

Masks in The Town (2010)

Hannibal Lecter's in The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Any other notable masks worth mentioning?