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January 1, 2011

Beautiful Girls are Girls Who Dress Nicely 2

The modern era has witnessed the emergence of contemporary or modern Islamic style of dressing... Girls who wear hijab or tudung no longer want to look plain... However, most cute dresses are revealing and skimpy... Therefore, these girls opt to wearing hand socks to cover their hands and tights to cover their legs... For me, this way of dressing is okey as long as they keep it simple and every piece of the outfit is color coordinated... Too much accessories and colors will make them look like clowns... Actually, I would prefer these girls to wear cardigans instead of hand socks... Cardigans also come in a variety of styles - they are puffy cardigans, long cardigans, mini cardigans, lacy and etc... If you're wearing hijab or tudung, three quarter pants and sleeves are a no-no... What's the point of just covering ur head when u're revealing other parts of ur skin?


faiq said...

believe in u

Kartika Malini Omar. said...

agreed!haha,kadang2 sampai berlapis2 baju.kadang2 motif flora,zebra,petak2 dalam satu dress-up.pening.