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January 1, 2011

Beautiful Girls are Girls Who Dress Nicely 1

Recently, I'm into girls with smart and professional wear... Nicely done hair, make up, puffy white blouse with ruffles, brown women belt, gray tube skirt, dark plain tights and sky high heels... Totally awesome... I love them because they appear confident, strong and intelligent...  Work can be boring and stressful but girls who wear this kind of outfit can provide the motivation for guys like me to come early to the office... Too bad I don't have them at my working place... Besides tube skirt, I also like girls with tight slacks... I think girls who wear slacks are sexier than those who wear tight jeans... Don't u agree?


Anonymous said...

Fahmi, kerja kat mana sekarang?

Fingers Crossed said...

Di Melaka~