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June 1, 2010

T-shirt with words

Earlier today, as I was folding some shirts near the entrance of FOS, I saw a girl wearing a t-shirt that says "Dont think, just choose me"... 

It got me thinking, that girl would be in deep trouble if being stuck in a hostage situation... "Robert!! Pick a hostage!! I wanna show these cops that we're damn serious about blowing heads off if we dont get a getaway soon!!"... so, who do u think Robert would choose to be the first one to be shot? "Okey boss... Hmm... Dont blame me girl... U asked for it..." BLAMM!! Splattt! (Blood splattered) 

T-shirts with words are fun huh?

What does your shirt say?


fingerscrossed said...

Mine says

"It's you, Not me"

fingerscrossed said...

and I know Ridhwan has

"I love big butts"

Hahaha :-D

Ridhwan said...

More like "I Big Butts."

I love that tee!

I'm scrounging for "I'm Big in Japan," "Celebrity Blogger" and "Everything is Bigger in Texas" t's. Found them online, but I don't like online shopping.


Ridhwan said...

Oh, and "I'm Kind of a Big Deal."

Dying to get that!

Ginger said...

"Cow Girl"

Stephanie Morris said...

LOL Pami, LOL.