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January 20, 2010

Planet Awesome!!

"My dear teacher, I am going to the Planet Awesome with my new found friend, Zathura. There are many things at there. The sky are green, water are black, trees are yellow, and grases are red even the planet are flooded with toxic stone.

The toxic stone are the main source of their life. It provides them food for daily life. There are also many living creature at the planet Awesome. There are big and small.

We went to a cafe, and the food were jerk and smelly. I hope you will come to Planet Awesome in the future."

Feedback : I would love to go there :-)

I asked the students to imagine themselves being in their own magical world and then, from there, send me a postcard describing that magical place... Long hours of marking, and this one made me smile...

the next James Cameron... :-P


bella muerte said...

hmm.. they can write!!! awesome!!!

Megumi Shika said...

i would like to go too...n myb meet u think they have good looking guys there?

Nadzrah said...


Audrey said...