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April 30, 2009

Aku nak kuKu besi SekaRang jugak!!

just watched X-Men Origins : Wolverine with my girl and Achik
and now we have developed a syndrome; each and everyone of us has this desire to become mutants
because the movie was damn cool!!

Hugh Jackman and some other guys are hot (in a manly kinda way)

Dont miss it!!


April 28, 2009

Baden Baden Bundle - self claimed to be the biggest in Malaysia

New thugs from the block

I like this picture of Alvin

Alief was figuring whether he should buy this jacket or not...

Pali mengganas...


April 27, 2009

Soundtracks please...

I was walking home and I felt like turning on my Walkman phone... I plugged in my ears, pressed on 'play' and... automatically the song of 'Our Solemn Hour' by Within Temptation be played...

Seconds after that, a strong gust of wind suddenly appeared and swept my hair to the left covering one of my eyes...

It felt just like in the movies...

I felt cool...

and that was the time where I wished our lives have soundtracks...
u know, just like in the movies

so that
everytime we feel sad and insecured, from out of nowhere, the sound of Duffy's 'I'm Scared' appear...

everytime we feel happy, the song 'Happy' from Natasha Bedingfield be played in the sky

we see a hot girl walking the opposite way, 'Sexy CAn I' be clearly heard and we can dance to the tune, trying to impress her

that would be cool

and hey!
we can also have a musical
everyone will sing and dance along to our tune
everyone's happy
Alief will love that...

pretty messed up thoughts of mine...


what's ur favorite tune?

April 24, 2009

3rd Espada - Halibel

taken from

April 20, 2009

I swear I wont watch siamese horror movies in the cinema again...

These are the latest movies I've watched

I'm typing this entry in the morning where everyone is up and the sun is shining brightly, particularly because of this movie as it is really scary and I'm still traumatized.

Damn, I regretted watching this movie 5 minutes after it started... My girl couldn't let go of my hand through out the whole movie (my hand felt numb) and we wished it would end sooner... I covered my face with my other hand but made a peep hole in between my fingers to lower the level of scariness...

if u guys enjoy horror movies, this, I would highly recommend coz there are many scenes that will make you just wanna look away from the screen and cover ur ears...

my girl was the only one laughing...
and there were like less then 10 people in the cinema
not that funny actually but okey la...

The reasons I wanna watch this movie are;
a)it looked like a movie that my girl would like
b)Ben Affleck, Jen Aniston and etc. (big stars),
c)Ridhwan said Aween cried watching it...

and with those reasons I convinced myself that it would be great and heart touching

but through out the movie I kept asking, "which part that made Aween cried?"
my girl thought the same
owh well, maybe she had flashbacks

It was slightly boring but there are parts which are interesting - hints showing when a guy isn't interested in u (girls should learn)... and yeah, whoever said when a guy is mean to u, he loves u?? Hmm?
well, my girl did jump up with joy and "aaaa!!" the moment Ben proposed Jen...

"Pantas dan garang" - thats the translation... Alvin and I laughed our head off when the translation appeared...

What do u expect from FAst and Furious?
of course hot wheels, hot babes, hot guys, and hot action
I love it
but seriously, u must see all of its previous movies because the movie is featuring "original parts"!
it would help a lot if u know the histories of all characters...


April 19, 2009

New Boy no mOre?

I've watch the recent ONE in A Million show on 8tv and I have to admit, Tomok has grown into something I like...

From a jambu-guy that I would puke* puke* gag* gag* to a skinny-jeans-wearing-guy-with-a-punk-styled-hair, I could say I like him now...

Girls and gays would ador him more

Weekkk... Hahahahhahaha... Putih gila plak tu...

I'm Cool... and going emo...



but I think ESTher will win

April 8, 2009

My first encounter with YM

This is about my first time using Yahoo! Messenger... (accidentally)

It happened some time when I was in Part 3 degree TESL
I was still single that time while my friends were all seemed to be preoccupied with their own commitments
So I was left alone at home on a Saturday morning... I woke up to see no one's home but me... Well, maybe Ridhwan was in, but he would most probably be sleeping in his vault...

So, I took a trip to the nearest cyber cafe (since that time we still dont have Streamyx yet) to check mails and updating my Friendster page...

Abang Wan, nak PC satu

Nak PC eh? Urmm... Amek yang nombor 7

I sat down in front the 7th PC and clicked on Mozilla Firefox, browse through Yahoo! Mail and then...


Huh?! Menatang apa nih? Virus ke?


Hye?? Is that "Hye" meant for me? My imagination went wild... Maybe it's the U.S Government force or CIA trying to recruite men to spy on Malaysia!

:Boleh kenal?
:Name plz

...or... maybe it's just an instant messaging stuff... Should I reply? Lets see... "Boleh kenal?" Hmmm...

:Boleh kenal?
:Name plz

>Nak kenal?
>Tak boleh

:Boleh la
:Nama I Zack

Zack?! Muahahaha meluat aku

>nama saya Aini

:COmel nama tu
:orangnya mesti comel jugak kan?
: :-)

>Takde la comel mana...

:Nak tengok gambar Aini leh?



>upload? apa tu?

:tak tau ke?
:just drag gambar Aini dalm text box

>text box tu apa?

:tempat yg u taip la sayang...

nak tengok gambar aku? I quickly Googled "Malay Girl", searched for the cutest Malay girl picture, saved that picture and uploaded it to that Mr. Zack

Ntah gambar sape aku amek... but seriously cute gambar tuh...

:kan betul I cakap
:mesti sangat comel punya
: :-)


:Aini asal mana?

>negeri sembilan

:Owh... Abang orang KL
:but minggu depan nak gi London
:Kalau Aini jadi girlfriend abang skrg
:Abang boleh bawak Aini gi London skali
:Abang tanggung semua

Ternganga aku sekejap...
Kalau la aku ni perempuan cantik skrg!
Minggu depan dah boleh merasa gi London!!


>taknak la

:abang tau abang tak hensem
:tapi abang boleh bahagiakan Aini...

>Aini tak kenal abang la
>nanti kena jual kat mat saleh

HahahahA! Aku taip sambil tahan gelak sambil Abang Wan tengok tengok

:Abang ikhlas
:kalau tak percaya
:kita jumpa

>Takut la bang
>nanti abang rogol

:Aini tengok muka abang macam muka perogol ke?

Huh? mana aku tau muka kau camne... but wait a minute... Owh... Ada gambar kau kat sini...
Hmm... Wahh... gambar kat London... tapi... betul la... tak hensem...


:Abang boleh bagi number company abang
:Aini call
:kalau betul,
:ikut Abg gi London
:abg jaga Aini baik2

Man... this guy is desperate...

>Okey la
>Aini ikut

Anyway, I'm getting out of here...
It was fun but aku dah mula rasa bosan...

Abang Wan, brape?

Dah ke? Kejap je hari ni?

Bosan la Bang Wan...

Mie, YM ni tak sign out lagi... bahaya nanti orang lain guna


u punya YM belum sign out...

apa tu?

YM... Yahoo! Messenger... Bukan kau punya ke?



April 5, 2009


Kurosaki Ichigo's new hollow form

April 4, 2009

Shop Shop

I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic last week with my girl and I kinda liked it... Out of my expectations because it's quite funny... Plus, any of those girls (or guys) who loves expensive designer clothes, be sure to watch it... You'll go mad to see Pradas, Gucci and etc etc...

After the movie, my girl asked me... "I tak macam tu kan?"... U know, the kinds who seek and conquer... the ones who buys without considering things such as money balance, money savings... the ones who would just shop and shop and shop!!

Well honey, u still can be controlled... the guilty feeling inside of you is stronger than your inner instinct to spend... (and thank god for that)...

My girl's eyes seem to be made for shopping... everytime we pass by a row of shops and clothing outlets,
she will go like "owh my god! cantiknya sweater tu!" "B! B! tengok tu! cantik tak t-shirt tu?" "Aah! Comelnya baju tu!" ...

and I will go like "Mana? Mana?"

"tu... yang kat hujung sekali tu!"

I will have to give all of my focus to search for the stuff she mentioned...

"wahh... cantik... macammana u boleh nampak? bukan u pakai spek ke?"

I have to say that I'm not a good shopper... Before entering malls, I would stress myself, "I'm gonna go in and get myself a nice shirt!"
So I hunt for my nice shirt
I surveyed
"Cantiknya baju ni... Hmm... pergi tengok kat kedai lain dulu la..."
Round and round I go...
"nak beli ke tak? nak beli ke tak? dua kali tengok, cam tak cantik pulak..."

Lastly, I'll end up either buying nothing or buying something which later I would regret buying...

that's why I need my girl to accompany me to shop...
I need her as my shopping adviser...

the problem is

guy's stuff is not as many as girl's

so everytime she accompanies me shopping, we'll end up browsing through female's clothes, female's accessories, heels and wedges and bags, instead of looking for my shirt...


Give me a Break

you better tell your girlfriend to stop making misscalls on my phone...

coz it's freakin annoying...

and it has been draining my phone's battery dry...