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January 25, 2009

Obsession? Collection?

When I was 8, I asked my mom...

"Ma, besar nanti Ami nak jadi pelukis komik eh..."

"Tak boleh! Takde masa depan... Tak tengok ke dalam tv? Melukis tepi jalan... Bukan ada orang beli pun lukisan tu..."

Well mom... I guess u never noticed these...

latest stack of comics and mangas

Old 'Kreko's are kept in boxes... I think these are from 1995-2006

Latest ones are kept orderly on shelves... Naruto, One Piece, Slamdunk, Pakar Judo, Yu Gi Oh, Gundam, GTO, Wira Tunggal, Senjata Misteri, Pedang Setiawan and many more...

Here are the latest unread comics hidden by my big bro... Well, most of the comics are bought by him so he would want to read them first before giving them to me...

Lastly, here are the old comics and mangas kept in the store room... My big bro's room is too small for these treasures... Kreko, Arena Komik, Hikayat Raja Monyet, Utopia, Gempak and so much more I cant even remember their tittles...

There are billions of people all around the world who are just like me... Spending their money just to entertain their sense of imagination...

So, if any of you guys think that the comic industry is tiny and insignificant... Think again... Where do you think the movie Batman: The Dark Knight being ignited from?


January 24, 2009


I named this guy 'si putih'

It's enough that I have to deal with angry barking hounds and retrievers everytime I walk to/from my girl's house

now I have to deal with a little playful puppy at the stairs of my apartment

apparently, one of residents living on the second floor of Pangsapuri Seri Kubu is rearing a black white spotted puppy

I can hear the pup barking (more like whining than barking) almost everyday from the fourth floor

and currently the pup is turning the parking spaces beside the apartment into its very own toilet where you can see the poop are all over there

worst, sometimes when I went up/down the stairs, the pup comes running playfully and I have to try my best to avoid physical contact with it

I dont think the pup is a man eater
but I dont want to have to 'samak' my jeans nor my shoes!

I guess the owner does not know the rules...

U cant have pets in an apartment

If not, I would have bought myself that little bunny from jonker...

Apart from that, someone has to do something about the dogs in Kampung Lapan and the areas of Taman Kenanga

coz seriously, the number of dogs are growing larger...
I dont want to be dog food...

January 21, 2009

Ninja Demam...

Last semester...

(Monolog Dalaman...)

"Yeay, habis kelas!! Bapak lama kelas tersebut..."
"Hmm? Hujan? Camne nak balik ni..."
"Kalau tido mesti best... Sejuk g

"Redah je la..."
"Aku dah kebal daripada demam, mesti okey punya..."

"Kalau setakat demam, makan Panadol Actifast 2 bijik dah okey la..."
"Dah sampai nanti aku terus mandi... mesti tak demam"

"Bestnya mandi hujan"
"Harap2 buku tak basah"

(Tamat Monolog Dalaman...)

Malam tu terus aku demam panas yang agak teruk...
Bila selimut, rasa panas
Bukak selimut, rasa sejuk gila
Sangat tak best...

Nasib baik ada orang tolong jaga...

MOral of the story -

  1. Jangan main hujan
  2. Jangan cakap besar (walaupun cakap dalam hati)

Peace :-)

p/s: I'm typing this blog because my girl is demam...

January 17, 2009

Yes Man~

I've watched 'Yes Man' for the third time

I have to say that this is one of my favorite movies

It is very inspirational, sweet and not to mention awfully funny

I laughed at every scene

especially when Jim Carrey sang the song "Jumper" in order to save a suicidal person

Seriously, u all should watch it...

Another movie that I think everybody should watch is

Money No Enough

Seriously funny and touching

A mandarin movie from Singapore

At first, when my girl told me that we're gonna watch this movie,
I had doubts

But as the movie started

I laughed and shed tears at the same time
in fact, everybody in cinema was wiping their eyes
and the Chinese girl sitting beside me cried heavily

extremely funny

extremely touching

the best mandarin movie I've ever watched

January 14, 2009


Start of an essay with “One day, I was window shopping in Mahkota Parade…” and as you write, you will be given words that must be included in the essay.

The words given – dinosaur, durians, hot air balloon, tornado

One day, I was window shopping in Mahkota Parade with my friend Malvin. It was a fine Saturday and we were just walking around, discharging our stress and tenses of studying. Then, Malvin spotted this colourful polka dotted pants displayed in the Reject Shop clothing outlet. So, he pulled me into the outlet, grabbed a few pairs of those pants and dashed straight into the fitting room. While he was in, trying on those pants, I went around the outlet, checking out a few jackets. Suddenly, there was a big bang heard from the roof and for a few seconds, the building was shaking. Malvin screamed and went out running around, in a state of panic, without realizing that he was half naked, from waist to bottom. I was either shocked for the shaking but managed to remain cool as ice. But then I felt weird because I could have sworn that I just saw a dinosaur was passing by outside the outlet. Adding the bizarreness of the situation, the dinosaur was actually being followed by giant flying durians. I rubbed my eyes and tried to remain calm. “This could be the effect of the shaking. Maybe I have knocked head or something and now dealing with a major trauma”. However, my sanity was challenged when I saw those durians attacking other people with laser rays while the dinosaur was biting a person’s ribs off. I panicked. I ran frantically outside the mall but the situation was far more insane. More dinosaurs and flying durians were falling from a hot air balloon. I shouted, “You have got to be kidding me! This is not freakin’ real! Malvin!! Malvin!! Where the heck are you?” At that moment, I saw Malvin, still half naked, fighting a T-Rex with a large sword. “Where did he get that sword from?”, I asked to myself. Rapidly, someone shouted, “Look over there! A giant tornado is viciously wrecking out a lorry full of weapons! And the weapons have been blown here… Arghh!!” That poor guy got stabbed by spears. “I must help Malvin!” I took out the spears from the guy’s neck and eye socket. With all my might, with all of my focus, I threw the spears like an ancient mighty warrior. I missed. They landed just a few meters from my feet. “Sorry Malvin, I have failed you…”. Within split seconds, an explosion was heard and chunks of dinosaur meat flew into air and scattered on the tarred grounds of Mahkota Parade’s parking lot. Thousands of Malaysian army troops marched forward and landed bullets and mortars to the alien hot air balloon. Battle jets and helicopters swarmed the air of Mahkota and flames and explosion were seen all around. “ARGGGHHH!!!” Malvin ran again, in a state of major panic, still half naked, leaving me there startled and confused. The hot air balloon was bombarded with torpedoes and forced to withdraw into space. Victory to the fellow soldiers… Death to the durians and dinosaurs… and aspirins for me.

January 7, 2009

Balcony moments...

Me, hanging out at the balcony...
Staring at the Eye on Malaysia from far...

Wondering how unfair life can be...

How unfair that I can just sit here all day
with nothing going on in my mind...
While people in Gaza are running for their lives...
Avoiding bombings...
Dodging Bullets...

Trying to survive...

When will the war ends?


January 4, 2009

Teachers' Word

Teachers' words that I can still RemeMber:

Form 1 English teacher -
"English is crazy!! Plural use 'are'... but then why must we use 'am' for 'I'? and why 'You are...' not 'You is'?"

Form 4 Chemistry teacher -
"Pami, badan slow takpe, tapi otak jangan slow..."
"Menatangkejadah apa ini?"

Form 5 Physics teacher -
"Kalau 2 - 3 tahun lepas ni aku nampak korang 'Aww' sini... 'Aww' sana... Aku tumbuk sampai lebam..."

Form 5 Add Math teacher -
"Korang ni memang kena ajar cara lembut... Kalau aku tampar, terajang korang pun, makin menjadi - jadi la perangai korang... Dah memang teruk sangat..."

Form 3 History teacher / Discipline teacher -
"Panjang rambut kau ni... Dari luar kelas lagi aku nampak... Tapi, kau buat muka kesian camni... aku tak sampai hati nak denda..."

Standard 4 Science teacher / Class teacher -
"Kau ni Pami, jaga kedai 24 jam... Matematik tak pandai2... Teruk!"