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July 30, 2009

My 100th post

For me, the best part of blogging is when I receive comments on my entries... It's so rewarding... It doesnt matter whether it's negative or not, as long as it's about my writings, I'm satisfied...

"hello. i dont really read long posts but i read all of yours. ahaha interesting." - by Nada ke?

That particular comment on my entry, "When I grow old" had me smiling for hours... It's a big compliment :-) Thanks Nada

But comparing to other famous blogs, I'm way far behind... Check out this Blog Anak Mat Nor for instant, he/she received about 60 to 100++ comments on a SINGLE entry... Truthfully, reading his/her blog was my first inspiration to start a blog... He/she is awesome... I like his/her blog very much (but he/she seldom updates the blog...)

Besides all of that, I also like blogging for I can share my stories more effectively... My friends know I'm that much of a talker... So blogging has been a medium for me to share my stories and true thoughts to others~ :-)

I also like to make my blog as cute as possible... I think u all notice that...

Happy blogging people!!



toni777 said...

aku kurang 2 post lagi nak sama ngan ko...
anyway don't waste your creative talent. keep it up!

feeza said...

ahahaha!!congratz mr crossedfinger! u r one of those creative writers i tell ya =)

Nadzrah said...

dah 100 entry!

mmng comel blog ko.. hehe