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April 19, 2009

New Boy no mOre?

I've watch the recent ONE in A Million show on 8tv and I have to admit, Tomok has grown into something I like...

From a jambu-guy that I would puke* puke* gag* gag* to a skinny-jeans-wearing-guy-with-a-punk-styled-hair, I could say I like him now...

Girls and gays would ador him more

Weekkk... Hahahahhahaha... Putih gila plak tu...

I'm Cool... and going emo...



but I think ESTher will win


scenenseen said...

napa plak esther.
me n kiki don't fancy her.
tomok la menang.

fingerscrossed said...

coz she can carry variety
unless tomok do something different and awesome next week,
esther will most probably take the lead

nana said...


fingerscrossed said...

amylea is gone

paCat said...

tomok becoming TOMPOK.

Poser ~

fingerscrossed said...

Well, guys
u proved me wrong
Tomok did win

better than Avira winning