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February 21, 2009

The Punisher : War Zone

Just now I've watched Punisher: War Zone with Alief
at first, when Alief said that we're gonna watch this movie
I was quite reluctant
coz the first movie was a totally let down

but watching the trailer
eye got stabbed with a chair
knife into the skull
slash here
bang bang there

If u have read my previous entries
you sure would have guess what I am anticipating in an action movie


So, I got interested and gave it a go

I was impress
What a cool movie

ada satu scene ni
ada sorang mamat tengah main lompat2 bangunan
tiba tiba muncul satu roket
menghancurkan beliau
di udara

agak terkesima jugak aku dibuatnya...

what hurts the most
is to see an 18PL movie
being cut and sencored!!

Bapak banyak dia potong!
buat apa dia buat 18PL kalau
perkataan Fuck, Shit ass, Ass hole

What the hecccckkkk??
I kept saying that during the movie...
aksi pecah pecah kepala pun tak tunjuk

aku nak tengok aksi kerusi masuk mata
tapi tak leh coz dah kena potong...


Paling suka bila Punisher nak 'mercy kill' kawan dia
and the friend said
"See you in hell..."

Punisher replied macholy

"If I see u near hell,
I'll kick u out of there..."



Besides that,
I've just watched the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer
it will be a total war

new robots
more explosions

p/s: why am I like this lately?


Syarifah Nur Athirah said...

i never know u are this violent..goshh

A B E said...

aku tag ko...nak taw???bkak page aku nohhh =p

fingerscrossed said...

I'm not violent
Just craving for a good action movie...


Nadzrah said...

ganas ya ampun!!

Voluptuous Vixen said...

somebody told me that ur the one who asked him to accompany u to watch the movie. hmmm... nk kene nih alief nih!

fingerscrossed said...

jangan la marah2
memang I nak teman dia and
dia nak teman I

sebab kitorang sama2 single malam tu
ye la...
girlfriend masing2 ada hal...

fath777 said...

dragon ball nak kuar xlamer lagik..moh g tengok jom!

fingerscrossed said...

Have u seen the trailer?

Goku is supposed to be naive and innocent
and fun and cheerful