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January 17, 2009

Yes Man~

I've watched 'Yes Man' for the third time

I have to say that this is one of my favorite movies

It is very inspirational, sweet and not to mention awfully funny

I laughed at every scene

especially when Jim Carrey sang the song "Jumper" in order to save a suicidal person

Seriously, u all should watch it...

Another movie that I think everybody should watch is

Money No Enough

Seriously funny and touching

A mandarin movie from Singapore

At first, when my girl told me that we're gonna watch this movie,
I had doubts

But as the movie started

I laughed and shed tears at the same time
in fact, everybody in cinema was wiping their eyes
and the Chinese girl sitting beside me cried heavily

extremely funny

extremely touching

the best mandarin movie I've ever watched


Ridhwan said...

jim carrey looks very old kan?

fingerscrossed said...

when the movie started
I heard someone said
"Bapak tua mamat ni!"

fingerscrossed said...

The girl in the movie are so cute
Love the voice
and I like the dress she wore in the airport scene...
Cant find the movie wardrobe in the internet...
Wish my girl can wear it too...

Kim Yun Il said...

nama gurl itu ialah zooey..sgt comel!!!!

fingerscrossed said...

Zooey deschanel